The Barriers of Control


THERE ARE structures of authority that do not only lurk within the walls that forbid rebellion, but also posit the horrors of what the elements of control can inhibit society from doing. These borders continuously control individuals whose bodies have turned into docile subjects of dominance. They are not locked within these highly-built structures, but they are instructed to submit and perform orders, be it one that honors their endurance or one that does not heed to their mileage.

There is a sensation of being chained within these walls. Since the chains are not visible, they inherently function not only within this structure but also extend into the depths of society. This sequence of control pushes people further into something that threatens their sanity as it slowly fractures their body and psyche.

As there is a fear of punishment, they are governed by an iron fist that creates and perpetuates the institution that controls them. Once their bodies begin to act against their will, they will initiate exploitation which may lead to the downfall of the walls that once scrutinized their every movement. Within and beyond these enclosed spaces of control, there is still the chance for one to defy and, finally, to resist. F

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