Towards Greater Heights


YOU despise what this year has brought upon you. The burden of it has caused you to doubt everyone around you. You have chosen not to trust anyone as you were betrayed by someone you used to feel comfortable with. Sometimes, you enjoy the company of your friends, but you still prefer to remain secluded for a while as this year comes to its conclusion.

It is time for you to forget the faults you have committed, to forgive the ones who have crossed your boundaries, to let go of those who do not value your worth, to leave everything behind and to take a step towards greater heights.

Everything will fall into place, and you will heal in time.

This year has proven that regardless of all the heartaches and betrayals you have been through, the triumphs you have garnered, and the defeats you have suffered, there is one thing that you must be certain about: you have made it this far, and you will make it farther than this. F IAN JOZEL N. JEREZ

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