An Impending Darkness


AMID THE crowd, he begins to wonder to himself if these lost souls around him still believe in themselves. While walking, he sees a woman who seems to be around her forties who is with her daughter. The child looks up at him, and he smiles at her. They must be satisfied with what they have right now, he thinks to himself. As he continues walking, he sees a father with his son, and they seem to be enjoying every moment they have together. He looks to his left and sees a family as they laugh about something which he does not really know about. He searches for other faces in the crowd. Surprisingly, they all display a familiar feeling of euphoria.

In times of impending darkness, there is nothing that can drag him down further. He knows that this may be for the better. As he counts the days he has been far away from home, the thought finally occurs to him: he must decide whether to start a new life here or to turn around and acknowledge his mistakes. He closes his eyes and realizes that he still needs them—his family.

Silently, he moves away from the crowd and looks up at the skies. There is still hope. IAN JOZEL N. JEREZ

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