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MAKING the most of his youth, Amboy would sing with his small voice or recite a romantic poem in order to entice lovers and make them avail of his product. However, when the alluring fails, chasing his targets mischievously is his last resort.

One afternoon, Amboy saw a couple who entered an elegant store. He decided to follow them, but he was denied entry.

Plagued with curiosity, he pressed his face against the glass door to have a glimpse: a large bouquet of flowers, expensive chocolates, and luxurious gifts left him in awe. He could not help but wonder how much love these items can encapsulate compared to his balloons; how these people are capable of transforming love’s essence into saleable objects.

Despite the opulent display, it was the hardworking frail lady that caught his attention the most. She reminded him of his mother.

He remembered her selling the same balloons under the scorching sun; how she endured the hunger in order to save up; and how she collapsed in the middle of the road while worrying about her children’s future. It was the day of hearts when she died, but she failed to receive love for no one dared to help her.

An unexpected force from the door sent Amboy to the ground. The couple hastily approached him and helped him stand back up. As consolation, the couple offered to buy his product.

Amboy then shrugged off the dust and smiled. He offered the balloon and said,

“Take it for free, it’s from my mother.” RYAN PIOLO U. VELUZ

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