Roads to be Taken


OFTENTIMES we find ourselves desperately grappling at the edges of life in buzzing fear or anticipation of whatever it plans to launch toward us; maybe, it is the other way around: we are the ones catapulted abruptly at wherever point that life deems fit. Either way, we are left in the middle of naught with nothing but ourselves to navigate through the winding paths in this cosmic grand scheme of life.

What happens, though, if the path we have carefully crafted breaks at the seams and fails without warning? What happens if we wake up to another day wanting to be something, only to be somewhere else entirely? What is the next step to take? Where do we go from here?

Nothing is more terrifying than feeling lost on the only road we have ever known.

In this vast expanse of life, people can get lost, so we frantically cling to the flimsy remains of what we could use as a guide: a signpost, a light, or even a person; anything that would maneuver us from one point to another until we reach a destination. As we trudge the paths we are taking, we must take a step back and realize that life’s true trajectory is not linear.

No one can figure out what life is and where it is taking us just yet. No one truly knows, but wherever it is, we will all be fine. F MHERYLL GIFFEN L. ALFORTE

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