Zombies of Katipunan


CONTRARY to scientific belief, zombies exist. They appear in the dark limbo – the train station; a barren wasteland where only the fittest survive, and where the strongest compete in push and pulls in order to win a spot inside the coveted train, which is the only way out of this oblivion.

Every day, the undead shuffle along the train station’s platform staring blankly at the tracks or at others like them. They gawk at the TV screens advertising mojitos and other alcohols in envy; these liquids have spirits, while they do not. Without fail, they experience the horrors of the train station: the crowds of people, the scorching heat, the slow trains, the poor facilities, and the impending fear of not getting there.

Once upon a time, they were humans. They were people who once had dreams and passions, living with the hope that one day, they will have everything they want within their reach.

However, their government failed them.

Transportation became worse; services became inhumane. The need and demand for a better transport system skyrocketed, and yet, the government neither looked nor listened.

Eventually, the smile on their faces faded. The sparkles in their eyes were eclipsed by the defeat of their dreams. All their hopes and aspirations became but mere memories.

But it was after the train station in Katipunan burned that their transformation became complete.

They became zombies, a product of a failed society. They turned toward apathy in seeking the will to live through just one more day. Through desperation, they searched for every bit of hope, for the missing piece that would fill their bleak emptiness.

To this day, these zombies continue to roam around a neglected train station. They wait for the day that they may be freed from the prison of stagnancy.

These zombies do not hunger for brains, they want trains. F  RY PHILIP JACO T. GALVAN

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