Absent Festivities


THE child stood in awe at the Christmas tree standing out from the towering buildings. It was beautifully ornamented with passels of colorful dangling trinkets and tinsels. The tiers of golden yellow light hanging around it illuminated the dreary night, providing her with solace.

It is in the streets that she gaily looks for the spirit of Christmas. However, she has long understood that it was something she can never find in her humble home for its iridescent light only graces certain places.

She was just one of the unfortunate people whose lives are devoid of its radiance.

There was the family whose only home is a wagon in an alley enveloped by the darkness of the night. Their only source of brightness was a lamppost that barely shed light on their plight.

There was the old beggar who relied on the generosity of the people in the season of giving; only to be disappointed by the meager alms in his tin can.

There was the abandoned child all curled up on unfolded cardboard boxes and exposed to the cold December air.

People were rushing about to be with their families in the comfort of their own homes for they were privileged enough to partake in the merriment.

The tree served as a poignant reminder — Christmas is a festive occasion only for those who have the means to celebrate. F DENISSE P. TABOR

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