Wishing for a Kite of Stars


THE campus is strewn with an array of colors. Tonight, I walk along its pavements beside you who only has eyes for nothing but the stars. I can see how your eyes widen at the sight of lights cascading like waterfalls, shining against the night sky—how your smile reaches from ear to ear when you see how they brighten up the walkways in bursts of color. You were particularly fond of those neon stars that illuminated the rosarium in small patches. You said their glow reminded you of home and of those fireflies you used to catch in your childhood. You were fascinated by their existence. It was like having stars at your fingertips.

You momentarily stop in your tracks to take in the beauty of its luminosity. I stood there looking at you, then at the lights that caught your eye almost every night. You were too captivated by them to even notice that I had stopped to gaze upon you. I wondered if I could make a kite big enough to take myself among the stars so that I may wave at you and that you may look at me from below with astonishment in your eyes. Perhaps I could fetch the stars for you, for I know how much you dearly loved them. To build these may cost me a lifetime, but it will be all worthwhile. I would do anything just for you to see me, and not past me. F DJULIENNE FLOR V. FOSTER

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