From the Ashes, We Will Rise


MY child, you must run away from the woodlands and towards the north. It is only a matter of time before the blazing fire engulfs our defenseless habitats. it already conquered millions of acres; there is nothing stopping it from destroying a million more.

Flee to safety, my child, and do not look back as plumes of fire consume our home and community. You might not bear seeing the charred remains of our own kind. At this rate, more of us will die due to starvation, dehydration, and loss of habitat. Feign ignorance to be spared from sorrow.

You might feel guilty, but we ourselves are helpless and need to be rescued too. That is why you should hurry, my child. You do not want to end up like the thousands of our kin who burned to death in what was supposed to be a safe haven for us.

My child, do not cry. The humans will contain all of the bushfires soon enough. Many of the nation’s battle-hardened firefighters are on the frontline, ready to tackle the blazing fire. Though we might never return to our old habitat, I promise you that we will find another eucalyptus forest in the north where we will build a new home.

The world stands with us, little one. When our summer is over, the land down under will rise from the ashes. F DENISSE P. TABOR

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