Taking the Plunge


I am on a quest to swim in every lake in the world. I have overcome many lakes – deep and shallow. I have swam on rainy days and windy nights, whether alone or with companions. A decade has gone by since I first began to practice and with each swim, I have learned.

Gone are the days when I haphazardly breathe in water or drift awkwardly. Granted, I do not have perfect form yet, but now, I can swim with greater speed and finesse.

I have cut myself on sunken rocks and sharp reed, and so, I know to be wary of where I am stepping. There were times when I have almost drowned, but I have learned to swim together with friends and family when I am in deeper waters. Some lakes seemed too big, but I never gave up – growing and gaining courage in the midst of it all.

I have swam through many lakes of countless sizes, and I am going to swim and conquer newer, bigger and better lakes.

It is a new decade and it is mine to live. I am armed and bold and ready. I fill my lungs and reserve the air.

Confidently, I take my leap. F ANA MURIEL R. VERON

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