Capturing Flames


BY the time I have shed hundreds to thousands of calendar pages, I want our lips to curve upwards, reaching our ears.

Whenever the wild gush of wind makes you shiver, my arms will be there to wrap around your shoulders. If the moment is nothing but magical, I will bring my phone out and capture it; keeping it for eternity. Our smiles might fade away like a dried leaf crumbled to pieces, but I will always have a photo to remind me of why we were grinning at that time.

I hope that the warmth of my body will satiate your longing for comfort, but if it does not, I will use the undying flame within our bond. There might be times where we will only have the weakest blaze but it will never die, and sparks are always a bedrock to scorching flames.

Let us take a photograph then, and capture what we have.

We might be lost in the middle of the crowd and people might pass by on their own path home, but I would rather be lost with you than be astray by myself. With you, I will always find my way; our path. You are my light and my guide to wherever I go—always has and always will. PATRICK V. MIGUEL

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