Derailed Plans


EVER since the suspension of in-campus and off-campus activities, the sudden change in the university’s atmosphere became axiomatic. He noticed that most students head home right after their classes. It was apparent; the specter of an outbreak has indeed engendered fear in the hearts of many.

It was impossible for him to concentrate the day the memo was released; it was all he could think about. Were it his prerogative, he would have intensified precautionary measures during events rather than canceling them altogether.

His dismay was unparalleled, and understandably so – it was no easy feat to spearhead student activities. He and his team worked so hard with only one thing in mind: bring them into fruition.

It was hard to oblige because it had taken them months to get everything ready from brainstorming meetings and the delegation of tasks, up to the last stages of preparation.

The continuous drafting and revising of project proposals, the desperate attempts to garner sponsorships, the reservation of venue — all of their efforts were rendered futile by the suspension.

It might have been a relief for some but to him, it was a waste of their hard work. In the end, they toiled away for nothing. F DENISSE P. TABOR

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