As the Sun Sets


IN a day’s time her snugly clothing will be replaced by a wedding gown and her loose braids will be covered by a bridal veil.

However, despite the upcoming occasion, she cannot help but escape to the place where her heart feels most at ease. She had always felt that the waves crashing upon the shore washed away her worries and took them down to the watery depths of the sea.

The sand grazing against her skin, the seawater foaming at her feet, and the salty air brushing against her cheeks all bring back memories of a pleasant time in her younger years.

She remembered her life before she was a bride. She was once an adventurous woman who enjoyed inhaling the crisp air at mountain peaks; who loved tasting exotic cuisines; and who collected keychains from every city she had visited.

As she sits at the shore and looks out onto the vast sea, she recalls her mother’s words of warning: marriage is not for everybody.

The sun is setting in her favorite place, and the pellucid waters seamlessly reflect the blood-orange dusk sky.

As it descends into the horizon, she realizes how darkness will soon hide everything.

She thinks of running away. F DENISSE P. TABOR

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