Sea Monsters of the Night


THERE are tales about the sea where mermaids, monsters, and ghost ships haunt the wide expanse of water, especially at night. But in this world, mermaids and ghost ships remain only mere legends; and monsters are the only one that is real.

As soon as the ember sky turns pitch black and the sun descends, ruthless monsters will come to menace—an unforeseen circumstance for the men who had let the waves take them away at night.

Defenseless and with only fishing rods in hand, an encounter occurs in the middle of the sea, where it is soundless and the waves do not crash; only the noises of a lone sea vessel are heard. It happens then at midnight that unguarded fishermen come across a merciless terror.

The monsters arrive with flags as red as blood flailing above their heads. They open their mouths to engulf helpless men, and they speak with a language so garbled and alien to the fishermen’s ears.

Nobody knows exactly what happened during that one fateful midnight, but everyone knew that the sea monsters were hungry and ready to devour. In their endless hunger, they ruthlessly devoured all of the fishermen to satisfy their insatiable gluttony.

When the sun rose, the sea monsters and the fishermen were nowhere in sight. The only reminder that they existed were the screams that echoed throughout the night.

In the morning, only the calm splashes of the waves are heard—as if nothing amiss had occurred. F PATRICK V. MIGUEL

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