LegMa, PolSci, BES, ELS lead AB volleyball tourney


THE TEAMS of Legal Management (LegMa), Political Science (PolSci), Behavioral Science (BES), and English Language Studies (ELS) inched closer to the semifinals of the Athena Cup mixed volleyball category after dominating their respective brackets during the elimination rounds.

Meanwhile, both Journalism and Philosophy recorded a 1-1 standing after their recent matches.

Communication Arts (CA) found a strong ground in the first set but still fell short to LegMa’s combined efforts, 26-24 and 25-13.

Countering the orchestrated attacks of CA, LegMa’s Wayne Parulan and Franz Agapito led their team with their powerful hits that led to deadlocks, 20-20, 23-23, and 24-24.

LegMa then took over the first set with Parulan’s intense spike, 26-24.

With unforced double hits and service errors in the second set, CA conceded to LegMa.

History, meanwhile, did not stand a chance to own a set as PolSci dictated both sets, 25-12 and 25-17.

PolSci team captain Judenn Mascareñas pierced through History’s defense with his solid attacks that led to a nine-point advantage at 11-2.

Both teams tussled back and forth, but due to History’s service errors and failed blocks, PolSci emerged as the victor after finishing with 25-17 in the second set.

Meanwhile, BES prevailed in a neck-and-neck match against Philosophy, 25-23 and 25-17.

BES and Philosophy started hot in the first set with several deadlocks, 4-4, 6-6, and 12-12.

Philosophy’s team captain Ed Thaddeus Cammayo tried to go for a kill many times in the middle of the first set, but BES capitalized on Philosophy’s multiple service errors, stealing the momentum and ending the set, 25-23.

The seething attacks of BES’ Miguel Tan and the team’s service aces later forced a 13-13 knot. After a four-to-nothing run, BES claimed the second set victory.

Economics and ELS battled in a thrilling three-set match but ELS finished off the game in its favor, 23-25, 25-16, and 14-16.

With the duo of Abegail Eclipse and Ryoma Tamayo, ELS was able to return Jayson Lumapas’ feisty attacks.

At 20-24, Lumapas drilled in spikes which boosted Economics’ score, 24-23.

ELS team captain Eclipse then swooped in and secured the set, 25-23.

Economics outplayed its enemy in the second set through drop balls and tosses by its captain Lloyd Jason Santos and other team members, 25-16.

But Tamayo capped the game as he found the gap in the opposing team’s defense during the third set, 16-14.

Journalism redeemed itself after a loss against LegMa last Feb. 15 and stepped up its game this time against CA, 25-18 and 25-17.

The combined efforts of CA’s Max Andrew Mercado, Treach Nicole Cabias, and Antonette Bautista almost toppled the journos early in the game, but powerful spikes from Journalism’s Russel Wilfred Estrada managed to edge CA, conceding defeat in the first set, 25-18.

Journalism maintained its momentum in the second set, thanks again to Estrada’s hits. The journos capped the set with an eight-point lead, 25-17.

On the other hand, Philosophy won in a tight three-set duel against Literature, 25-16, 22-25, and 16-14.

Literature held its guard in the first set but Philosophy’s Alfonso Ramon Esmundo refused the hits from the opposing team.

Philosophy’s Isaac Matola secured the set with his net joust, 25-16.

The second set was in Literature’s favor, 22-25, taking advantage of Philosophy’s service errors and missed hits.

Literature capitalized in service aces in the early part of the set, scoring 6-1.

But during the latter half of the frame, both teams dwelled in a head-to-head rally which evened the score at 14. Philosophy’s effort prevailed and broke the tie, 16-14.

The first and second games of the semifinals will be held on Feb. 20. Both games will take place at the Felix Huertas Court. F ANGELIQUE ANNE F. TORRES

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