ASN tops AB Debate 2017

Photo by Nikki Elardo
Photo by Nikki Elardo

THE TEAM of Asian Studies (ASN) emerged as the champion of this year’s Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) Debate Series, the annual inter-major debate competition of the Faculty held last Feb. 19 and 26.

The team was composed of juniors Lorraine Sajorda and Michael Gutierrez, and sophomore Moses Rivera.

Sajorda was hailed the first and finals best speaker, while Gutierrez was declared the ninth best speaker.

Journalism junior Angelika Jo Valera, who represented the Communication Arts (CA) team, and English Language Studies (ELS) sophomore Faye Margarette De Leon went home as second and third best speakers, respectively.

Tied as sixth best speaker were Legal Management sophomore Nikki Elardo, ELS sophomore Edward Dunhill Chico, and History sophomore John Steven Usero.

Furthermore, CA juniors Miggy Aguado and Taj Mahal Olaso Pasihul tied as ninth best speaker, together with Gutierrez.

During the final round, ASN got the better of the Philosophy team composed of juniors John Martin Ungria and Eddielene Capili, and sophomore Janssen Purugganan.

“I think it’s (AB Debate experience) overwhelming. […] Every year, each team who competes aspires to win to bring glory to their respective majors, and there’s always that real pressure to make it till the end. We’re proud and ecstatic that we were able to be the champion for this year,” Sajorda told the Flame.

The members of the team put “huge effort and commitment” within the little time they had to prepare for the competition, Gutierrez added.

Among the 12 majors of the Faculty, Journalism, Sociology, Literature, and Economics did not participate in this year’s debate competition.

The AB Debate Series was organized by the AB Debate Parliament. MARIA EDEN T. DINO

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