Dagohoy to graduating Thomasians: Remain faithful and true


UNIVERSITY RECTOR Fr. Herminio Dagohoy, O. P. challenged the graduating Thomasians to keep their values intact despite the pressures and temptations they could face as they leave the University during the Baccalaureate Mass held May 19.

“In a world where integrity has been replaced by expediency for some people easily believe fake news instead of good news, for some use social media as a tool of isolation instead of communication, for some exploit religion to divide instead to unite, for some politicians use leadership as a license to impunity instead of genuine public service, for some enter business for the sake of property and profit alone, I urge you, our dear graduates, to remain steadfast in your faith and hold on to what is true,” Dagohoy said.

The rector also commended the graduating batch for all the hard work and efforts they exerted in their studies.  “Kapag Thomasian dapat handa ka mabasa sa ulan, makapagtapos ka lamang.”

He also reminded the students to look back and remember the people who helped and guided them during their stay in the University.

“Partings make us realize the importance of the bond that connects between persons. It was an occasion when we realize how much we were loved and had loved. […] Remember the people that epitomize God’s love for you. It could be your parents, your siblings, your friends, your classmates, teachers or even events that make your student life here in UST worth remembering.”

The Faculty of Arts and Letters—which received the most number of recognitions during the recent Student Awards—produced the most number of candidates for graduation with 1,002 students followed by the College of Commerce and Business Administration and the Faculty of Engineering with 873 and 844 graduates, respectively. F – VANN MARLO M. VILLEGAS 

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