LegMa sophomore, Philo junior represent AB in TYAA


THE REPRESENTATIVES of the Faculty of Arts and Letters to this year’s Thomasian Youth Ambassador and Ambassadress (TYAA) showed the Thomasian community the inner and outer beauty of Artlets.

Artlet Youth Ambassador Rodrich Rey Rebollos, who hails from Zamboanga and has witnessed the armed conflicts in the city, said he aims to be proactive inside and outside the University.

Gusto ko ipakita sa Thomasian community na even though social issues such as those (armed conflicts) are not going on [in] Manila, it’s still going on [in other places]. As future leaders, we must not just care about Metro Manila pero we should care about Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao,” the Legal Management sophomore told the Flame during the TYAA Launching and Advocacy Night held May 17 at the P. Noval Court.

Artlet Youth Ambassadress Mary Justine Camacho, meanwhile, wants to promote the belief that education is a right and not a privilege through her platform Alternative Scholarship Locator.

“My platform aims to assist students who are seeking financial refuge but in line with their fields. It can also help students to regulate, qualify, and maintain any financial need,” the Philosophy junior said.

This year’s Artlet Youth Ambassador and Ambassadress were selected through a panel screening. The TYAA Coronation Night will be on May 29 at the Medicine Auditorium.

TYAA is the official search for the University’s youth ambassadors “who will fight for a cause” and “passionately pursue humanitarian work and spread awareness for a purpose within a local or even a grander scale.” MARIA EDEN T. DINO

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