ABSC PRO resigns, cites health issue, professional incapacity

File photo by Kristela Danielle Boo/ THE FLAME

THE ARTLETS Student Council’s (ABSC) Public Relations Officer (PRO) officially resigned from his position on Thursday, citing his health problem and potential “handicap” to the council as reasons.

Eadric Espiritu said that his health problem is one of the contributing factors that prompted him to resign, although he did not want to disclose any other information and wanted it to remain confidential. 

The former PRO added that he did not want to become a liability to the council as officers rebrand and re-establish the ABSC into a better student body. 

“I feel relieved for the council. I consider myself as a handicap. It’s really painful na ito ‘yung pinangarap ko since I was a kid. To be an officer, to serve, pero ngayon, I accidentally screwed up,” Espiritu said in an interview with the Flame.

Espiritu, however, said that he “cannot confirm nor deny” when asked if there is an internal problem in the council.

He admitted that it was difficult for him to work with his team since they had experienced miscommunication, another factor that contributed to his resignation. 

“I’ve always wanted this position pero talagang minalas na ako kasi I don’t have the competency and I have the competency pero not the full competency that the ABSC wanted,” he said.

Espiritu recalled his shortcomings since he started campaigning for the position, saying that he did not have enough knowledge on the technicalities in being a PRO, but tried to solve it by designating an executive coordinator to complement what he could not provide.

“I was the only candidate who also said na if elected and if I fail, I will resign, and so I did,” he said. 

Espiritu added that he somehow felt relieved now that he can give attention to his health and studies.

He asked the Artlets, though, to not think of his resignation as a selfish act, saying that the resignation letter he submitted mentioned that he would not use his position in any of his pertinent documents.

Espiritu said five of his projects were handed over to the ABSC after being modified, including the ABlaze: AB Town Hall, ABante 2030: Forging Progress through Sustainable Growth, Humans of AB, GO PRO, and ABKaTalk, but the continuation of the projects would depend on the council’s decision.

“If ever, obviously it will not be credited to me na, although I am the architect of those projects, so I hope lang if matuloy man, if gawin nila, the better. If hindi, I have no power,” he said.

The former PRO also expressed his apologies to the Artlet community and the administration as he could no longer continue fulfilling his promises. 

He also acknowledged the ABSC as a council full of promising and potential leaders with him out of the picture.

“I’ve tried my best, I’ve tried my part to be of service, and I believe in the short span of time that I served the AB community [that] I’ve done something,” Espiritu said.

The position for the PRO will be temporarily run by Espiritu’s executive coordinator until the Commission on Elections holds a special election to ensure continuity within the ABSC. F

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