CASA leads int’l cross-cultural project anew

Photo by Marlou Joseph Bon-ao/ THE FLAME

THE COMMUNICATION Arts Students’ Association launched the fourth iteration of its six-day cross-cultural project, De-Centralized Asian Transnational Challenges (d’CATCH) Project, on Monday.

The event, which aims to promote intercultural communication and collaboration among Asian media students, is attended by delegates from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

The delegates will mount a video production anchored on the prefix “trans-” which opened up themes such as Translanguage, Translate, Transfigure, Transient, and Transportation during the brainstorming session.

“I almost thought this will not push through because of the [novel coronavirus] scare but I am glad we are all here,” Assoc. Prof. Jose Arsenio Salandanan, department chair of Communication and Media Studies, said in his opening remarks.

“[I hope] that we actively participate, we’re all in the field of communication so we could share [our] experiences […] and hopefully that within the six days, we will understand each other better,” he added.

d’CATCH Project started in 2003 as a collaboration between the Philippines and Japan. Eventually, the project welcomed other Asian countries.

The 2020 d’CATCH Project opened with the creation of groupings, brainstorming sessions for the video production, and a campus tour.

The event will last until Friday at the University of Santo Tomas. F

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