Fearing the Unknown


I was in class when news broke of the virus finally reaching the country. My classmates who were mostly laid back, suddenly became more vigilant of their health: putting on masks and spraying alcohol on their hands. Most healthy people are unlikely to be infected but the uproar about it makes one feel quite existential.

There is plenty of humor about it online, but lately, it does not seem so funny anymore. The year has only just begun and threats of wars and pandemics have already swept the globe. It seems that every week there is yet another thing that endangers the existence of humanity.

I have spent my whole life preparing. I am studying to eventually find work to provide for myself and maybe even land my dream job. Someday, I hope to build robust structures to be known all over the world. But sometimes, I fear my dreams may never come to fruition.

Perhaps it is not the sickness we should be afraid of. Even in these trying times, there are those still capable of taking advantage and there are also those in power who remain idle but should be pushed to action. I am afraid for my future; I spend my days preparing for it. But lately, I cannot help but wonder if there is still a future to prepare for. F ANA MURIEL R. VERON

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