Christmas can never be canceled—Vice Rector

Screenshot taken from the UST’s Facebook livestream.

CHRISTMAS SHALL continue and nothing can deter anyone from rejoicing, Vice Rector Rev. Fr. Isaias D. Tiongco, O.P. said in his homily for the annual Paskuhan Mass on Thursday.

“Nothing can ever cancel or wipe out the hope and the excitement that Christian believers experience every year as they commemorate and celebrate the earthly arrival of Jesus,” Tiongco stated.

Tiongco stressed the value of hope, which he deemed necessary to live a life in peace, faith, and love.

“The greatest of all virtues is love yet the flame of hope should never go out of our lives,” he said.

He noted that while this year’s celebration of Christmas might be different, everyone should still “be as joyful and full of hope and expectations.”

Tiongco urged everyone to completely put their trust in God and to never doubt Him.

“We believe in God and everything about Him that our faith teaches, but do we really trust and hope that God loves us enough to use His almighty power on our behalf?” Tiongco said.

“We do not doubt that God can do something for us but maybe we are not that sufficiently convinced that He will do it especially if we have waited a long time,” he added.

As Christians anticipate the coming of Jesus, Tiongco urged them to remain faithful and steadfast as Christ brings hope and salvation to His people.

The holy mass was held at the Santísimo Rosario Parish and live-streamed via UST’s official Facebook page.

The ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree and campus decorations, and the annual UST Christmas Concert were held last Dec. 16, which marked the beginning of the virtual UST Paskuhan 2020 with the theme, “Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel.”

A “Concert for a Cause” will be held later at 7:00 p.m., which will live-stream a mini-documentary of UST’s past Paskuhan concerts and fireworks. F

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