UST welcomes around 11,000 freshmen, AB with 749


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THE UNIVERSITY welcomed around 11,000 freshmen, including 749 from the Faculty of Arts and Letters, as they virtually passed through the Arch of the Centuries on Thursday during the annual Thomasian Welcome Walk via UST Minecraft server.

During the Welcome Mass, UST Rector Fr. Richard Ang, O.P. told new Thomasians to develop their “precious gifts” given by God and to be “first-rate” versions of themselves.

“Your coming to UST gives this more than 400-year-old University a fresh energy and synergy. We need to have young blood,” Ang said.

Ang also added that they should put their heart into learning to expand their horizon, as education and earning a degree is an advantage for them in life.

“I want you to chase your dreams and catch them. I trust that the choice of your course or the choice of your strands was based on your strengths and inclinations. In any case, the secret of success is loving what one does,” he said.

The challenges that the freshmen will encounter during their Thomasian journey will be worth it, Ang said, and that learning is “a mixture of listening, exploring, and being open.”

“What do you think a Thomasian is? In order for you to figure it out for yourselves, you have to experience living and making it on your own. Off you go, happy discovery, and welcome to the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas,” he added.

The Thomasian Welcome Walk was followed by the virtual ROARientation event which was also hosted by UST Tiger TV.

The first day of classes for the academic year 2021-2022 will start on Aug. 12 after being moved from Aug. 9. F

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