AB to request limited face-to-face classes for two journalism courses

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THE FACULTY of Arts and Letters (AB) is preparing to request limited in-person classes for the broadcast and photojournalism courses as Metro Manila eases to the most lenient Alert Level 1, Dean Marilu Madrunio said.

“We are preparing to request limited face-to-face classes for the broadcast and photojournalism courses at the very least. Depending on the results of this initial move, we can include other courses later on and eventually cover the fieldwork for practicum as well,” Madrunio told The Flame in an email interview Thursday.

Only the journalism program has expressed intent to submit a proposal for limited face-to-face classes so far, she said.

However, fourth-year journalism students already finished the two courses during the previous academic year.

Given that only one program is planning to conduct limited in-person classes, Madrunio said the classes would be “easier to manage and supervise.”

“I do not see any problem arising from this move if ever we resume onsite classes for broadcast and photojournalism,” Madrunio said.

“The bigger clamor, however, is for students to be allowed library access for quiet study and in doing their thesis,” she added.

The government has placed Metro Manila and 38 other areas under Alert Level 1 from March 1 to 15. Under the alert status, business establishments and schools may operate at full on-site or venue capacity.

In a memorandum dated March 1, the Office of the Secretary General said the University would continue expanding limited in-person classes to other programs because the capital region is now under the lowest quarantine classification. At present, only selected programs like the medical and allied health fields are conducting onsite classes.

The expansion of in-person classes will be subject to the approval of the University Crisis Management Committee. Off-campus activities, specifically internship, practicum, and fieldwork, would likewise continue but should follow government and institutional policies, the memorandum added.

In November last year, Madrunio said AB would prioritize the higher years in the communication and journalism programs for the limited in-person classes because their courses require face-to-face interactions.

However, the faculty was cautious about conducting onsite classes in January after the capital region was escalated to Alert Level 3 because of the post-holiday surge in COVID-19 infections. F

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