Papal envoy urges Thomasians to be ‘children of truth,’ fight falsehood

Screengrab from University of Santo Tomas Facebook Livestream

POPE FRANCIS’ representative in the Philippines urged Thomasians to be “children of truth” and to fight all forms of falsehood, especially those found in social media.

“We need to be children of truth and fight against falsehood and all its forms […] especially falsehood that is disseminated in social media, and in various forms today, we need to be children of truth, speaking the truth,” Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines Most Rev. Charles John Brown said in his homily the during the second day of the University-wide retreat Ambag 500.

Brown said the notion of truth has been “degraded and under-attacked.”

“We almost live in a society repeating the words of Pontius Pilate in front of Jesus,” he said, referring to the Roman governor who allowed Jesus to be crucified even He did not commit any crime.

Brown reminded Thomasians that Christians believe in the importance of truth and that whoever comes to the truth would come to Jesus’ light.

“We need to be children of truth. If we live the truth fully, we will progressively be more and more Children of the light,” he said.

The papal envoy also urged Thomasians to become “credible communicators” because they are responsible for communicating Christ’s light to people around them.

“If we are going to communicate the light of Christ, We are only going to be credible communicators if people see in us men and women who speak the truth,” Brown said

The mass was part of the celebration of the 411th founding anniversary of UST. F H. Oledan

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