UST approves on-site graduation rites in June


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UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATORS have approved the conduct of in-person baccalaureate mass and graduation ceremonies for the three pandemic-affected batches this June, the Office of the Secretary-General said. 

“I am happy to announce to you that the University Crisis Management Committee and the other offices, including the academic units, have already approved the in-person graduation and Baccalaureate mass, “ Secretary-General Rev. Fr. Louie R. Coronel, OP  said during a mini-press conference with some student newspapers in UST on Saturday.

The graduation will cover members of batches 2020, 2021 and 2022. The Baccalaureate Mass will be held on June 3 to 4. The Faculty of Arts and Letters is set to have the graduation on June 10 to 11, Coronel said.

However, he clarified that the said activities would only push through if there is no COVID-19 surge in the following months.

“I hope and pray that there will be no surge, no raised Alert levels so that we can have a continuous graduation season,” he said. 

Coronel added that it is still at the discretion of the different academic units on how they would plan to conduct the onsite graduation rites. 

The University would observe the minimum health protocols to avoid transmission during the event, Coronel said.

Coronel said swab testing is not needed for students and parents to enter the campus as only fully-vaccinated attendees will be allowed. Students are required to submit the names of their parents beforehand along with a copy of their vaccination cards, he added. 

“What the secretaries [of each college] will do is they will be asking the students [to submit] the names of the companions and the scanned copy of their vaccination cards,” the University’s secretary-general said. 

Coronel said those who won’t be able to attend on-site would still be “mentioned” during the rites.

The University is expecting about 10,480 graduating students this year. There are 4,722 and 2,253 students from the 2020 and 2021 classes, respectively. F

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