Pol Sci to hold virtual classes this year; Socio, Philo, HST to apply for limited F2F


THE POLITICAL Science program will continue to deliver classes in enriched virtual mode this academic year due to three “significant reasons,” its program head said.

Politcal science department chair Asst. Prof Dennis Coronacion said that the department considered their students’ safety and concern over the “uncertain” conditions in the country. The program also said that it is doing “well” under the current online setup. 

“We are still in the pandemic and just recently there are reports indicating that some localities in the country are experiencing a surge in new cases of infected persons Given this recent development, our Department is not willing to risk the health and welfare of our students and faculty,” Coronacion told The Flame in an email interview.

“Second, we have received emails from our students based overseas expressing their reservation toward the plan to conduct limited face-to-face classes. It seems that they are not yet prepared given the uncertain conditions in our country,” he said. 

“Third, our curriculum has adapted well to the demands and challenges of the teaching and learning environment created by COVID-19 pandemic,” he added. 

Coronacion said that their academic staff is equipped with necessary training when it comes to delivering online learning. The students were also able to produce “high quality research works or theses” under this set-up. 

Its “recalibrated internship program” has provided exposure in the workplace and training for students even though conducted virtually, he added.  

But Coronacion said that they would comply if the University introduces plans to shift to a physical or hybrid learning modalities. 

Prioritizing thesis writing courses

Meanwhile, the History and Philosophy programs said they are applying for limited face-to-face classes for the thesis writing courses this academic year. 

History department chair Assoc. Prof. Archie Resos said they are seeking approval to conduct limited in-person classes for the Thesis Writing 2 course in the first term, Thesis Writing 1 and 3, and Practicum courses for the second term.

The Philosophy department said they would utilize the first term to “do what needs to be prepared” for the limited face-to-face classes proposal for thesis writing in the second term.

“Given the prevailing circumstances, we think this is the best way to allow our thesis writing students access to the materials as well as the suitable reading and writing environment of our library,” Philosophy department chair Asst. Prof. Jovito Cariño told The Flame.

‘Real life encounters’

Sociology department member Asst. Prof. Louie Benedict Ignacio believes that human engagements and real-life encounters with social issues are “necessary,” if not a must.

“The practice of the field relies heavily on human engagements among individuals and communities with social issues and societal matters,” Ignacio said

The Sociology program, through Ignacio, revealed their plans to partially open the onsite classes for their nine courses for third and fourth-year students

For juniors, courses that were included in the proposal were Sociology of Education and Service Learning, Community Engagement Studies, and Directed Research. 

While courses on Service-Learning Application (Internship) 1 and 2, Project Development Course 1 and 2, Thesis Writing 2 (Thesis Colloquium), and Thesis Writing 3 (Thesis Defense) will be applied for senior classes. 

However, Ignacio clarified that “there is nothing final nor official” as the courses indicated are still subject to changes once they undergo the process of approval by the University. 

“We would like to indicate as well that the decision to submit a proposal is supported by consultations between and within the students and the faculty members,” Ignacio said.

Once approved, the program’s in-person classes may start during the second half of the first term.

So far, 9 AB programs have already signified their intention to conduct limited in-person classes for the first term of this year. F – Anne Avengoza 


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