Eight more AB programs secure approval for F2F classes

Communication students carry the ‘CASA’ block letters during the Homecoming walk for batches 2024 and 2025 on Aug. 22, 2022. Photo by Francine Gaebriele Gutierrez/ THE FLAME

THE UNIVERSITY Crisis Management Council has approved the application of eight more programs of the Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) for the conduct of limited face-to-face classes, Artlet Dean Prof. Marilu Madrunio said.

The programs that secured the approval for limited in-person classes are Communication, Behavioral Science, Creative Writing, Economics, English Language Studies, History, Literature, and Sociology.

“When we are given the go-signal, we will then begin with the limited face-to-face classes which may start sometime in September for some programs,” Madrunio told The Flame.

Madrunio said the programs are now finalizing documents to be submitted to the Office of the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Office of the Rector, and then to the Commission on Higher Education for approval.

Most of the limited face-to-face classes would be for third and fourth-year students since they are enrolled in specialization courses, including Thesis Writing, the dean added.

Journalism, the first AB program to secure approval from the crisis management committee, is set to conduct limited face-to-face classes in three courses this term. The journalism courses to be taught onsite are Photojournalism for juniors and Broadcast Journalism and Thesis Writing 2 for seniors.

Four AB programs, namely Asian Studies, Legal Management, Philosophy, and Political Science, will continue to adopt the purely online learning mode this term.

Most of the colleges in UST have adopted the enriched virtual mode as the default learning set-up since 2020 because of the restrictions induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. F

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