Juniors, sophomores, told to treasure their stay in UST, nurture relationship with God


Rev. Fr. Roberto Luanzon, O.P. celebrates the Thomasian Welcome Mass for the second batch of sophomores and juniors.

A UNIVERSITY official encouraged Thomasian juniors and sophomores to cherish their stay in UST and to value its “treasures” while nurturing their relationship with God.

UST Vice-Rector for Finance Rev. Fr. Roberto L. Luanzon, Jr. O.P. said the University, which has been in existence for 411 years, has treasures waiting to be uncovered by its students. 

“You will always cherish some of the physical structures of building here… the events and activities that you’re going to have, especially this one, and the people around us, not only the professors, [but also the] support staff, your classmates, and everyone here, we will give them importance because they are part of our life,” Luanzon said during his homily for the first mass of the Homecoming Walk held Tuesday, August 23. 

“Aside from our families and our homes, we should also treasure our university, where we study because we have been staying here for so long,” he added. 

Luanzon reminded Thomasians to value their relationship with God, which he described as the “greatest treasure.” 

“And last but not the least, being a Catholic university, you also give importance to God,” he said, adding that the University has produced a number of saints and blesseds. 

The Homecoming Walk was organized for juniors and sophomores who did not experience the traditional Welcome Walk and ROARientation festivities because of the pandemic-induced lockdowns. 

The event will be held in three batches from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The first batch covers students from the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Engineering, Conservatory of Music, College of Fine Arts and Design, and College of Architecture. Students of the Faculty of Arts and Letters will join the second batch. F

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