ABSC urges Artlets to participate in policymaking


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THE FACULTY of Arts and Letters Student Council (ABSC) has urged Artlets to participate in the policymaking process to ensure that their concerns are truly addressed.

ABSC policy affairs director Josh Moncayo said “progressive” policies would be crafted if there is engagement with the student body.

“[I]n policymaking, you just don’t assume what the student wants. There is a dialogue between the constituents and the authorities so that there is a proper inclusion of what they truly want and there is compromise between the students and the admins,” Moncayo said during the AB Model Congress, a policy formulation webinar, last Feb. 22.

The forum was one of the events during the ABSC’s students’ rights and welfare week.

Echoing Moncayo, ABSC policy affairs co-director Andre Que encouraged students to air their grievances as it allows the committee to address concerns from other programs.

“[W]e can’t cover everything. I am a PolSci (Political Science) major. Both my director and co-director are LegMa (Legal Management) majors. So what about others enrolled in creative writing programs who have different concerns?…As much as we want to do everything on our hands, we are limited by our capacity,” Que said.

The Policy Affairs is one of the bodies of the ABSC’s Students’ Rights and Welfare Committee, which helps students amplify their grievances, concerns, and rights to the administrators. F

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