‘Provide color to the black and white world’

AB Regent George Phe Mang, O.P., celebrated the college-wide mass for the month of May at the Santisimo Rosario Parish Church today, May 3. Photo by Andrei Joseph Duran/THE FLAME

GRADUATING ARTLETS should continue taking on calls and values that will revitalize the world as they reach the final stage of their academic lives, Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) Regent George Phe Mang, O.P. said.

In his homily during the faculty-wide mass for graduating students and undergraduates on Wednesday, May 3, Phe Mang told seniors that being a Thomasian Artlet is not the end but “the beginning of service to the greater community.”

“Do not forget the ingrained great values and calls that continuously provide color to the black and white world as we jump into the world after your graduation,” he said.

The AB regent reminded students to uphold kindness and the truth in facing the outside world even if it will be “harsh.”

These values, Phe Mang said, will lead to contentment which is the “best thing” that individuals can possess in life. Contentment will allow people to be at peace with what they have, he added.

“True satisfaction is not found in our accomplishment nor in our (social) positions […] It is about stepping into a new life,” Phe Mang said.

Phe Mang also challenged Artlets to continue seeking the Lord in their journey after graduation as seeing the Father through Jesus is “the fullness of life.”

“As we continue our life journey, we’ll not be afraid, knowing that God, who loves us, is always with us and (before) us. And we can become students of God for His people.”

The mass was held at the Santisimo Rosario Parish, where Artlets were also given the Dominican blessing for their final examination, requirements, and thesis defense and proposals. F

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