Thomasians urged to unite as democracy faces threats

Photo by Danica Loran Ramilo/THE FLAME

THOMASIANS SHOULD defend the “unsaleable spirit of freedom” to uphold liberty and justice in the country, a Dominican priest said.

UST Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) regent Fr. George Phe Mang, O.P. said people must be united in this endeavor through education, dialogue, and advocacy.

“In the face of threats to freedom, we must stand united… We must ensure that the voices of those oppressed under Martial Law or any form of tyranny are heard and are defined,” Phe Mang said at the Santisimo Rosario Parish on Friday, Sept. 22.

Phe Mang noted that the stories shared by Filipinos during the martial law are a reminder that freedom is within reach.

“Martial law reminds us that standing up for freedom and defending our rights and liberties is a social responsibility we all share,” Phe Mang said.

“We must not only remember the essence of their history in the four corners of the room but also apply them to the present.”

Despite the challenges that accompany the quest for  freedom, Phe Mang said Thomasians have a role to constantly observe and remember these stories to keep democracy alive.

“[M]ay we unfold the values of never forgetting, staying awakened and actively engaging, and keeping our democracy alive and prosperous,” the AB regent added.

The candle lighting ceremony was part of the “Balik Tanaw” project organized by the Artlets Student Council that commemorated the 51st anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in the country. F

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