Young people told to find God’s message in the daily grind of life

The image of Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario was enthroned at the UST Santisimo del Rosario Parish chapel as part of the church’s 81st anniversary. Photo by Ethan Cardaño/THE FLAME

THE YOUTH should discover God’s message in “repetitive” and “routinal” moments as His grace is present in the daily grind of life, a priest said.

During the homily for the enthronement mass for Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario, Quiapo Church Rector Fr. Rufino Sescon, Jr. said the Holy Rosary and other prayers convey God’s message even in the most unexpected and lowest moments.

“Every time we repeat our Hail Mary, let us remember the presence and message of God is also in the repetitive moments of our life. You may not even realize it, [but] God speaks to you more often during those ordinary moments in our lives,” Sescon said.

Sescon lamented that the youth has neglected the essence of the rosary, only viewing it as an ornament or charm to “obtain blessings, fortune and protection.”

“There is a crisis among young people because they find praying of the rosary repetitive and boring,” he said.

The church rector noted that the virtue of constant obedience to God could flourish from “repetitive” practices like the praying of the Holy Rosary.

“From a childish experience of mindless repetition and mechanical discipline can flower a childlike spirituality of seeking and following God at all times,” he said.

The Holy Rosary, Sescon added, serves as a reminder of a religious discussion aligned with the Lord’s teaching. He reminded the youth that God had provided “major chunks” of life not only in momentous events, but also in the mundane, noting that people often anticipate God in extraordinary or “magical” moments.

“May we find joy and exuberance even in the ordinary… As we enthrone Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, let us also enthrone the Lord, especially in the ordinary and repetitious moments of our lives,” Sescon said.

Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario, one of the venerated Marian titles, highlights the Blessed Mother’s intercession through the Holy Rosary. Our Lady of the Holy Rosary is also the patroness of UST.

The mass was held at the UST Santisimo Rosario Parish chapel as part of the church’s 81st anniversary celebration, which carried the theme “Birhen ng Santisimo Rosario: Talang Gabay ng Pamilyang Pilipino.” F – with reports from Katherine Chan

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