Some Flavors Turn Sour

MOCHA WAS a pretty good flavor—not until it manifested itself as something so distasteful.

In case you are wondering, this is not about food or satiating the taste buds. In fact, this is about satisfying a deeper hunger that is of the intellect.

However, in order to address this in a manner in which I will not stoop down to the level I am about to lambast in this piece, I must grapple for words with just the right amount of disdain hoping that my criticism would not look too catty.

So here goes.

During the previous elections, Filipino netizens were all about politics—the debates, election violence, the candidates’ pronouncements, witty jingles and the memes that went viral—in an outright showcase of democratic engagement powered by social media.

With the immense popularity and influence of the online public opinion, also came the proliferation of politically inclined Facebook pages, some legitimate and some claiming to be.

So it was not surprising to see some of these pages really “owning” their clouded understanding of legitimacy, and I would personally prefer to single out the renowned (albeit notorious) “Mocha Uson Blog,” ran by performer and Mocha Girls front woman, Mocha Uson.

While many actually laud her for speaking up against the “bias media” and all the people she has called “bayaran” in what should be her short-lived popularity, I think Mocha has gone too far when she labeled media men as “Presstitutes”—all because she thinks that the mainstream media does not cover her preferred politician (now the President) in the way she deems fit.

Top that off with spreading fictitious conspiracy theories, some of which were so trivial it pains me to even think about how much time they must have spent making up such stories.

Well, as mere onlookers on what appears to be Mocha’s world of false information, fallacies and delusional legitimacy, I think it is right and just to give credit where credit is due.

Mocha has misled so many people at unprecedented rates, as proven by the number of user engagements her page actually generates on Facebook.

Beyond that, her unreliable opinion proves that she is not afraid of being vocal about certain issues that mired the President, as several supporters that could use a lecture on how not to be credulous ferociously back her.

Meanwhile, on a personal level, I believe that associating the nobility of the word “Press” to the word “prostitute” is something that is way below the belt.

It had me thinking, “Has she lost her mind? Or does she even have that?”

While we cannot discount the fact that corruption does exist in all industries—even in the media—we cannot say nor prove that most existing media entities in the country “prostitute” themselves just because they cover the President in a critical manner.

What would we all expect from a woman who is so annoyed at critical reporting due to an apparent lack of a critical mindset?

Thing is, when rumors circulated about her possible appointment as a social media consultant for the Bureau of Customs, there was actual backlash from so many people that the government had to deny they even thought about it.

People reacted in such a way because they are witnesses to her blatant disregard of basic netiquettes and responsible information dissemination.

Yes, she may have used her platform to warn people about possible “dangers” and “plans” but in the process she was able to uplift not just her brand, but also her misinformed stand on things.

I could go on forever talking about how much of a disgrace Mocha is on the face of Philippine blogosphere and social media, but I would opt to put an end to this and rest my case.

Sure, there could be flavors that would move you—but Mocha will have you moving right out of this country.

However, with just the right amount of sensibility, we might as well hold out a little longer and just shake off our disgust. F

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