Long at last, here I am with my graduation column article. It’s not that I have been waiting for this, but this marks the end of my college life—the journal article readings, reflection papers, and art requests. Troubled with what to write here, I am now infested with a writer’s block. Could the timing be more ironic?

Four years seemed long, but if you happen to enjoy what you are doing, you’ll find out that it is not enough. Not enough? Yes, not enough. What I am trying to point out here is the quality of education I have received from the University. It is a well-known university in the country, but I think it is oversold.

I enrolled in the Sociology program, my first choice, hoping it can help me make the world a better place. Yes, they say “walang pera sa social work,” but who said I was in it for the money? A lot of graduates take different paths from what they were trained to do. My program is focused on research. Throughout the four years of studying, it has been marked in our minds that research or theories are not enough. Actions are needed to be done.

I took that program because it was the closest to community development that was being offered in the University. Sure, we have major courses in social change and social development, but then again, they felt like they were minor subjects. I could have had enrolled somewhere that offered a major in social development, yet I took a chance in, I suppose, was the best available option for me.

With a heavy heart, I must say that this is not the first time an opinion like this is said in a sociology major’s point of view. Please do let me make this clear: I did learn. I just hope that from now on, my drive to make the world a better place makes it better.

A piece of advice if you happen to be unsatisfied: Divert yourself from that fact. Make yourself satisfied! I know it is not easy, but making something of what you have is really an easier option. I finally felt relished when I was in second-year college. Joining an organization (a publication rather) was a healthy way to keep me distracted. In the Flame, I met a lot of new people and made new friends. Photoshop became my best bud. On the other hand, the deadline was always the enemy. So as they say, “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

Doing extra-curricular activities changed my college life. It’s not actually easy, but you should not live your life crawled up in your comfort zone. I took that risk, and now I know I graduated happier than I could have been without it.

I would like to thank Maxine for introducing me to the Flame and becoming my first friend there. You were the one who related to me the most with what was going inside or outside the organization.

Endless gratitude to the older batches of the Flamily, especially to the ates of the Art Department and ate Ajj for highlighting my potential, teaching me interesting arts and design, and entrusting me with a big responsibility. You helped shape what I have become as an artist and a staff in this publication. I owe you, guys, a lot.

I could not have survived without you guys—Elcid, Jamie, Danea, Arrienne, and Pamela from my Art Department, and also to Mark from Faces—I thank you all for the hard work we have put together to create a unique identity for Flame. Continue to strive in your passion for creating art and don’t forget to help each other out. I am always here for you. I love you all and I know that the Flame is left in good hands.

Coming next to my blockmates is Flamily as my third family. Thank you for adopting me to a whole new experience that I never thought my college life would get involved in. Congratulations to us for successfully producing four issues and a literary portfolio.

To the ones who kept me sane through insane happiness together, thank you to my best friends—Maila, Faye, Aidoe, Daphne, Denysse, Meryll, and Jedi. I’ll never forget the fun times we have had and cheers to making new ones in the future.

For the unending love and support, I’d like to acknowledge my family, especially my parents. After all the struggle you’ve been through, here is your youngest, finally where you want him to be.

Give me the benefit of the doubt, but I’d still like to thank the Higher Being up there. You have put quite a challenge for me, but I know this is all according to Your plan. Kudos to your master plan!

To the unsatisfied and to those who want to make the world a better place, padayon! F

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