AB Women’s Volleyball trumps Science, bounces from loss



THE Faculty of Arts and Letters (AB) Women’s Volleyball Team bested the College of Science (Science) on Thursday, avenging a narrow loss to the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (CTHM) on Wednesday.

AB seized both sets of the game against Science, ending the match at 25-13 and 25-21, respectively.

Consistent attacks from AB Team Captain Arnica Ordoñez led the team to consequent runs in the first set, seizing the lead with a 10-point margin. Frequent errors from Science prevented them from closing the gap.

Science came back in the second set, seizing an early lead against the Dapitan-based squad, 7-6, but their hopes were dashed when the women in blue deadlocked the game at 17-17.

AB capitalized on the shanks from Science players, focusing on the endgame and seizing the set.

Ordoñez commented that the team had greatly improved since the first match, but added that they still need to polish their receiving and service.

Sobrang fulfilling kasi ito ‘yung play namin talaga, ito ‘yung play na hindi namin nagawa yesterday kasi medyo nangapa pa. Pero I’m happy na ngayon nagawa namin ‘yung play namin, lahat kami nag-work as one,” the team captain said.

Close but no cigar

AB narrowly lost to CTHM on Wednesday, 14-25, 25-17, and 27-29, due to errors that plagued the team throughout the match.

The Dapitan-based squad kept committing errors throughout the first set, allowing CTHM a 10-point run early in the game, 7-17. The AB Volleybelles tried to bridge the difference in the midgame but ultimately failed to overwhelm CTHM.

The second set saw fortunes reverse for AB, getting away with a six-point run midgame. Despite the AB’s errors in the closing volleys, CTHM failed to exploit the advantage and gave the win to AB.

Silence and awe enveloped the court in the final set, with back-to-back ties and a narrow lead for AB midgame hushing the audience. CTHM caught up with a tie in the endgame, 24-24, with neither side giving in despite errors from both teams.

The audience was silenced by the two nail-biting deadlocks at 24-24 and 27-27. CTHM ultimately seized the game at 29-27.

The AB Women’s Volleyball Team will next face the College of Architecture on Saturday, 3 p.m., at the P. Noval Covered Court. F

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