Artlets With Deep Pockets: Earning and Saving Money Amid The Pandemic




MONEY comes and goes—it doesn’t really stay long in one’s hands, but rather flies and shifts places or possessions from one person to another.

And when talking about money, two impressions come to mind—earning and saving.

Lack of “emergency money” pushes most people to commit poor decisions in handling their finances and resources in times of crisis. The absence of knowledge in financing is also another reason most people struggle in committing to saving their money. 

People also think that it is easier to finance at a young age. But in today’s circumstances, many may have noticed that both adults and students face troubles when it comes to budgeting.

It turns out that making money for students is not completely effortless and fulfilling. Given the fact that students’ allowance is provided by their guardian or earned from working part-time, it is still a burden to save money.

And while some students had fought their urges to buy unnecessary products online during the quarantine period, others had spent their savings to start an online business to earn and to cope with their financial struggles.


The Flame had a short talk with Stephany Ramos Millare, president of the Society of Thomasian Entrepreneurs, about effective ways to earn and save money during the pandemic. 

1.Venture in online business.

Starting an online business has become a norm today. Hence, many might have already started their own businesses that sell commodities, since establishing an online shop gives them a chance to be creative and brainstorm products that are beneficial and to one’s liking. It is also highly recommended to save extra cash and to address one’s needs during the pandemic.

2. Earn money by watching ads and playing games.

Mobile applications such as Kumu and Shopback offer cash when playing live games and ordering food, getting a ride, or booking a hotel.

Kumu is a Filipino-led tech app, where users can get paid and win cash by playing their live games and participating in promotions run by the brand. even mentioned Kumu having “no nega-vibe” and “no inappropriate content.” It only highlights their objectives, which are learning from artists and educators, having the freedom to talk about certain issues, and inspiring audiences with their various content.

On the other hand, Shopback, a shopping platform that offers discounts and extra cash, lets users earn money by using the services from the app.

3. Use viable skills and talents.

“Aside from [creating] online businesses, one can also earn from sharing their skills and talents,” said Millare.

Training and teaching kids online, encoding information in a company or organization, or simply sharing notable talents and skills on social media platforms are some of the many effective ways to earn money online.

Millare also suggested that students should commit to saving money by setting goals regularly to track their expenses and savings. Committing to saving may be a truly challenging task, but once done persistently, the savings and sacrifices can be fulfilling and rewarding.

Luxury goods and products dressed as necessities will always leave a spark in one’s eyes. Because of the pandemic, the public is urged to remain at home, resulting in boredom and being idle. Shopping applications and websites have thus become one of the many leisures of most people. 


To deal with this, Millare recommended uninstalling shopping apps to avoid being tempted to make unnecessary purchases. If one refuses to do so and still wants to save money, Millare suggested waiting for a week before buying something to know if it is a need.

“Wait for a week bago mo bilhin yung pinagkakainteresan mo kasi after nung isang linggo na yun, mare-realize mo kung kailangan mo ba talaga siya,” she said.

Saving and earning money are both significant—saving gives people peace of mind and leaves them feeling accomplished while earning makes them appreciate their hard work and efforts in achieving their desired outcome.

Learning how to effectively earn and save also helps people make excellent decisions that will improve their lifestyles.

As a piece of advice for her fellow Thomasians, Millare said:

Maging responsable sa pag-iipon. If you don’t need it and if it’s beyond your means, don’t buy it. Have a clear goal kung saan mo gusto mapunta yung perang pinagiipunan mo at maging sigurado na kaya mong panindigan yung sinimulan mong pag-iipon.F



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