Lilo’s Acai is a beginner’s guide in healthy eating


WITH THE threat of COVID-19, eating healthy foods and becoming fit is now the raging train everybody is eager to jump into. Upfront and center of making health the new wealth is Lilo’s Acai, a sprouting online start-up offering a variety of fresh, healthy, and tasty fruit bowls and smoothies made available for all troops in Metro Manila.

The Philippines, being heavily influenced by fast-food chains –– from everything made into chicharron, appetizers being listed under the putok batok category, and well-loved street foods –– Filipinos may not be the best candidates to run after a healthy lifestyle.

Despite the long list of not-so-healthy local food cravings, Filipinos know how to make the best out of their food and culture. But what most people might forget is that health is also a form of love and our first life partner, our body, needs it in order to be sustained.

Going forward, Lilo’s Acai is headstrong in filling the gap between great-tasting food and healthy eating. Its main goal is to make healthy living and eating more enjoyable and accessible.

A Lilo without her stitch is Liana Lopez, the brainchild and founder of Lilo’s Acai. She initially started making her signature smoothie bowls just for herself and her family during the pandemic. Due to the surging demand for delivery services, she eventually grabbed the chance to introduce healthy food alternatives.

Lopez is firm that there are no wrong turns when it comes to healthy foods because it caters to everyone. These eye-candy delights are the smartest way to jumpstart the day and boost one’s metabolism.

Although fruity bowls and smoothies may not be the type of food people often see just anywhere, that does not mean that they should already be underestimated. These eye-catching and well-crafted bowls are perfect for those who are into nutritious breakfast and guilt-free desserts.

Lilo’s Acai’s Berry Bliss. Photo from Lilo’s Acai

The thing about berries is that they may be small in size but when it comes to nutrients and health benefits, they pack a punch. Luckily, Berry Bliss is jam-packed with tasty and fresh ingredients such as blueberries, strawberries, bananas, kiwis, granola, soy milk, and chia seeds. With the delightful nibblers of the granola, sweet notes from the banana, and a slight zestiness from the berries, this fruit bowl is highly energizing. It is perfect to consume once the day breaks.

Lilo’s Acai’s Tropicolada. Photo from Lilo’s Acai

Bringing nature and tropics together in one bowl is Tropicolada, a smoothie bowl bursting with flavors that reminds one of the beach and summer! Filled with mouthwatering fruits such as pineapples, bananas, kiwis, pitaya powder (dragonfruit), granola, coconut milk, and shredded coconut, this smoothie is a paradise in a bowl.

Not to worry because this Tropicolada is not a cocktail. Believe it or not, it is even better than one since it is also loaded with immune system-boosting vitamins and antioxidants – just exactly what the body needs to fight any virus!

Lilo’s Acai’s Acai Island. Photo from Lilo’s Acai

The Acai Island smoothie bowl is introducing foreign acai berries to Filipino taste buds. It is exotic while rich in antioxidants. With the combination of blueberries, bananas, white dragon fruits, acai powder, granola, coconut milk, and goji berries, this bowl is a lovely start for those curious minds who have not yet tasted this extremely potent berry!

As of writing, Lilo’s Acai’s menu has six smoothie bowls and four smoothies to choose from, as well as their ‘seasonal bowl’ that they change every month and only serve for a limited time.
The smoothie bowls cost P220 to P275 each while the smoothies cost P115 to P120. Although it is a challenge to ensure they do not melt while in transit, the smoothie bowls surprisingly arrive chilled and even come with a free wooden spoon.

Photo from Lilo’s Acai

“Healthy eating should not be expensive and should be reasonably priced so that more people can attain this healthy lifestyle, ” said Lopez.

True enough, Lilo’s Acai aims to achieve this by being generous on portions and ensuring that the customers get to have the greatest quality with the right value for money.

With or without a pandemic, eating clean and being healthy should be a number one priority. As the saying goes, health is the new wealth. This is the right time to give healthy eating a try and unhealthy habits a rest!

After all, we are what we eat, right? F

This article is originally published in The Flame’s third issue. Click here to read.

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