Missing Ring


Eaya was physically drained from her harsh conditioning as she strengthened her body for the game. 

As she sluggishly reached her bag, the fatigue weakened her grip on the strap, making the bag slip through her hand. She immediately tidied each item back into her bag. As she picked her things under the bench, she was greeted by a photo that encapsulates the memory of her father by her side on one of her basketball games.

Eaya settles into a bench as she reminisces of the days that caused the many changes in her life. She pictures her father’s enthusiastic attendance as he never let the dates of her matches slide through his mind.

When Eaya provides a successful shot, he would gleefully leap out of his seat to acknowledge her feat. If melancholy subsides her after a loss, her father would always assemble a feast to bring back her delight throughout the day.

From the piercing pain of injuries to the fulfilling taste of victory, her father is consistently standing beside her, capturing the notable achievements that she made along the way.

However, her father did not have the time to witness her flourish in her high school league. He was suddenly swept away by a fatal accident one rainy night. That night poured grief into her heart as she felt incomplete without him.

As she was preparing to leave the court, she noticed a basketball post missing a ring. She reminisces about her father honing her through worn-out posts and equipment. She will never forget the figure who had built her courage to pursue the dream.  RAMON CHRISTIAN G. PLACIDO


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