Paskuhan Playlist: 12 Tunes for a Thomasian Christmas

PASKUHAN WILL always be part of Thomasians’ Christmas celebration, and the festivities won’t be complete without the songs that capture their holiday experiences.

As a Christmas treat to Thomasians, The Flame curated a playlist to accompany them while enjoying the much-anticipated term-ender party. 


1. Bibingka 

Performed by Ben&Ben in Paskuhan 2019, Bibingka brings romance to every Filipino’s Simbang Gabi experience. Enjoy the array of food under the UST lights and maybe even share a bibingka with your special someone while celebrating the year’s sweet end. 

2. Into the Light 

An ode to love and loss, this melodic track of Over October acknowledges that the holiday spirit is not always merry. Sometimes, the widely regarded season of giving could also be a time to remember someone. Through its instrumental rhythm and narrative-heavy lyrics, Into The Light is two-fold: it enables one to grieve for the things or people who are not around anymore during the holidays. However, it also recognizes that there is life after loss, and there is no other way out of the darkness but into the light. 

3. Xmas Lights 

Ang Bandang Shirley used the right words and rhythm in its song comparing someone special with Christmas lights. True enough, one could be bright, alluring and incandescent just like the festive lights scattered within the University every December. Xmas Lights is the perfect song to play while taking a night stroll on campus grounds. 

4. Tingin 

After captivating many with the release of Tingin earlier this year, popularity has never left Cup of Joe and its song. In an ocean of “love at first sight” narratives, the band manages to find the general public’s delight. It is much like the song’s theme, finding a partner in a crowd of thousands and completely fixating on them, not minding if everything else in the world falls apart. Just as the song implies, it takes one glance to fall in love— and one click of the play button to be mesmerized by Tingin. 

5. Alas Dose

Nothing is more excruciating than waiting for the clock to hit twelve on Christmas Eve to finally munch on the noche buena. Cup of Joe’s Alas Dose paints the story of not only waiting for the clock to finally arrive at midnight but also patiently waiting for a special someone whose seat is mainly reserved right next to you. Although the song ended with bittersweet undertones in an archetype of “people come and go,” what the song’s persona felt with the person sitting beside them also unlocked the feeling of pure bliss, even momentarily. 

6. Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi 

In an era where everything seems to be fast-phased, there will always be a yearning to live in the moment and to enjoy the present. 

The alluring Christmas lights and a warm atmosphere create a scenery conducive for such a retreat from the mad rush of everyday life.

BINI’s Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi can be one of the after-school jams. Instead of rushing to go home after a long day of class, one can enjoy the sights of Paskuhan season at UST.

Art by Raymond Vince Manaloto/THE FLAME

7. Raining in Manila

As nights in Manila grow colder, Christmas creeps closer and closer. During times when one wishes for more warmth during the season, thoughts of a loved one become inevitable. The earworm Lola  Raining in Manila by Lola Amour is the perfect company for those missing someone during the holidays and wondering if they’re doing fine — or if they feel cold. 

But for those who are not into cheesy or sentimental stuff, you can enjoy the track for what it is – a catchy tune that will surely part of karaoke playlists of after-Paskuhan gatherings. 

8. Parol 

Parol or Christmas lantern is part and parcel of Filipino culture, and, consequently the Paskuhan decorations, regardless of the theme. Ultimately, it is a symbol of Christmas that has taken up millions of versions, from being made of recyclable materials down to LED lights. However, for the rock band Silent Sanctuary, a parol can also be attributed to a person, bringing light during dark times.

9. Kampana ng Simbahan 

Leo Valdez’s Christmas classic finds a new home in Gen Z’s hearts through TikTok, with beats of bells and cheers for people to dance with. Through the song, the joy of Christmas can easily be shared. Since it is a classic, Thomasians and their older family members can find something to love in this song, whether online or in physical holiday gatherings.

10. Christmas in Our Hearts 

There were attempts by wokes to cancel the track but no amount of ranting and overreading could erase the status of the Jose Mari Chan mega holiday hit Christmas in Our Hearts as the most iconic Filipino Christmas song. The track embodies warmth in contrast to the cool weather during the holidays. It is a reminder to share love with friends and family during this season and to focus on the Reason why it is celebrated.

11. Kumukutikutitap

A caroling classic, Kumukutikutitap is the perfect song to enjoy Paskuhan lights on the campus. As one appreciates the Super Mario-themed decorations and the bright Christmas tree at UST, this Joey Albert hit about colorful holiday decorations easily comes to mind.

12. All I want for Christmas is You 

Who could forget a song that has been playing since the beginning of ber Months? Playing all throughout the months-long Christmas celebration of Filipinos, Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You clearly has a special place in everyone’s heart. It would not be a Christmas party without this song, and Paskuhan season would be made brighter and more upbeat with the pop diva’s classic. 

Many songs widely enjoyed during the Christmas season explore themes of love, yearning, and gift-giving. Whether feeling cheerful or not during the holidays, may Thomasians who just finished a demanding term feel the Christmas spirit as they play these tracks on the background during the Paskuhan merry-making. F

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