Photo by Andrei Duran/THE FLAME


She always took photos of what she liked—whether they were flowers on a bright summer day or a guy she had feelings for. You could always tell it through her smiles behind the viewfinder. 

With every polaroid photo she took, she would ask for my thoughts. Her pictures always enamored me because they mirrored what she felt. 

This made me wonder, what feeling would her picture convey if I was her subject? 

Like most days, finding the answer terrified me. The idea of us becoming more than what we are was a gentle dream that I didn’t want to wake up from. Still, an inner voice silently whispered in my ear–I could not stay like this forever. 

“Sadie, do you have something to say?” a crease formed on her forehead. Only then I realized that she caught me staring at her. 

The intensity of her gaze made my heart swell like a dying star about to explode. I could not take any more of this. My words escaped me before I could fathom what they were. “I like you.” 

As the words echoed between us, my eyes darted towards the sidewalk. As realization struck, my urge to bury myself under the earth, away from her startling gaze, crept on my spine. 

All of a sudden, I hear a click. I turned my head to see her lowering the camera. While the photo was printing, she faced me with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. F

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