Photo by Andrei Duran/THE FLAME

I look away every time because

I have never known twin pools before,

crystal waters aglow seemingly enchanting,

sending ripples in a sudden beat to my chest

then to every ragged breath,

oddly disconcerting when they stay too long,

right before my eyes.


And not just your gaze nor the way it rests on me,

there is a breath of mystery in your voice,

snapping my thoughts into focus.

And when you laugh, sparks and warmth coincide,

bursting around us in a surreal affair.


It makes me smile every time because

I have never ridden the wind before,

sweeping me off the ground towards a thrilling rush

and all my senses sharpen every movement 

to capture these memories,

knowing it would play over and over again

in fast motion.


And I knew it was the end of me,

walking alone together when you

suddenly slipped your arm into mine,

and when I then caught your gaze, this time

you looked away. F

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