Photo by Jessica Luna/THE FLAME

My head is a far cry from reality

A place where hearts can wear out

Freely, openly, realistically

Where today is ours to keep

As every other tomorrow will be 


Among our pocket-sized visions

Are remnants of my ambitious ones 

Within which I conceal my fervor

Within which you found shelter in


The black holes of our thoughts

Hid musings your eyes gleamed about

Coexisting with superficial exchanges

Fueled the thoughts we refused out loud


Sprouted in avenues of beginnings 

Are our trapped cathartic encounters

Against the deafening sound of vehicles

Only your voice could drown out


Orange hues intrude and penetrate

And with it mosquitoes silently hum

As a passerby fools me as much as the last 

And as yesterday gives way to tomorrow

A final whiff of air consoles me

Still, busy streets refused to sleep

And so does the void within me 


If your heart wears out again

And if once more, by any chance

Our skins slither into each other

Let me pump life back into you

Even if it takes longer

Even if I become no more. F

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