To be a Star


ADULTS SEEMED to be fond of asking children what they wanted to be when they grow up—or at least when I was a kid, I was often asked so. “A star” was my favorite answer, and I guess it was an answer they found cute, until I reached a certain age anyway—then they just thought I was silly or aimless.

At present, I am at an age when people no longer asked me what I wanted to be; instead they asked what I was. I am a doctor, and my parents can never have been prouder. I am proud of myself too. After all the sleepless nights and excruciating bouts of loose bowel movements, constipation and gastritis, here I am now, able to afford five square meals a day, not only for myself but also for my family through work I can be proud of and am very much happy about.

Still, even as comfortable as I am now, I want to be a star.

Stars do not shine for people to see; they just do. That is just how they are, so even if something else or another outshines them, they will continue shining anyway.

I want to live an existence just like that. MARIA ANTIONETTE A. MALICSE

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