Cariño Brutal

Photo by Kristela Danielle S. Boo/ THE FLAME

FOR DECADES, fast food chains have warmed the hearts and stomachs of those who walk through their doorways. People’s eyes gleam with an impulse to devour what they find delectable and these restaurants have always given the taste that the masses long for. The visage that they maintain has always been favorable to all ages, from toys for children to the food that is immediately served on every table.

Underneath the bright façade that was kept through the years lays the dark and miserable state of workers who have never been granted the full benefits of working under employers who hide behind their profit. To people who have been introduced to this epiphany, passing by these fast food chains means seeing the happy faces of the ones having meals and the sad faces of the workers that fear for their livelihood. Hopefully, they will be able to achieve the justice that they deserve in their workplaces in the near future. F – ADRIAN PAUL L. TAÑEDO

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