UNCEASING RINGS from the bell, stomping feet along the corridor, and a deafening indistinct sound that compels everyone to pack their things and go home.

Walking alone in the dark alley allows you to see variants of a soul: some have nowhere to go, most are shiftless as they head home, and few are escaping and do not want to return.

Home is not necessarily a place of glorious asylum. Sometimes, the very place of refuge reminds you of flaws, of your loss, and make you keen of the inescapable fleeting of time.

Home is relative.

All of them will end up leaving you, but those who remember to return home are the most important. Some of them will never come back, so always remember to keep coming home to yourself.

Regardless of all the anguish, home remains a place for second chances where we make mistakes and love unselfishly. It is a place for genuine forgiveness.

This benevolent place watched you grow up, wanting to escape. It will also witness you grow old, wanting to return. F RYAN PIOLO U. VELUZ

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