The Proud Roars of the Lionhearted


SOME people have demonstrated an inability to defy authority because of the inequitable difference in power. They were challenged by the ability to mobilize forces, they were suppressed by the fear of firearm potency, and they were rejected because they were meek.

They were continuously discouraged because their righteous cause was easily overlooked. It has been much easier and convenient for the unperturbed to side with the party that has amassed a partisan amount of control. Strengthened by the detachment of citizens from supporting causes for genuine freedom, the firm grasp of oppression has remained unshaken.

However, there are people with brazen hearts who advocated for the freedom of the maltreated. They took the fight to the streets, where they shook indifference through resounding voices of protest, and they did not yield when they were faced with threats. Tired of seeing abuse propagate, they tirelessly marched for justice—even under the harsh rays of the sun and despite the powerful downpour of a storm. Their chants for liberation resonated like roars, and their courage transcended the threat of sturdy phalanges. F ADRIAN PAUL L. TAÑEDO

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