Torrential Truth


AMID the crowd of supporters on that rainy day, I stood out. I was soaked from head to toe while others enthusiastically held on to their umbrellas. As I made my way in the rambunctious crowd, I heard raised voices of support for a man covered in blood, fear, and an unfathomable amount of lies; lies that were force fed on the people he has sought dominance over.

These days, the truth has become a torrential rainstorm. Humanity will do everything in their power to avoid getting drenched and catching a cold. They hide under the umbrella of security— their protection against the rain of reality in order to enjoy the simplistic feeling of being ignorant.

I, on the other hand, am not terrified of getting sick or damp because of the rain. I embrace the truth and I do not hide from it. I lavish every droplet that kisses my skin because I am not afraid to learn and absorb what is really happening in this country.

One must exert a needed effort to unravel a series of lies before discovering the reality and the desired truth. It is a tiring act but it is worth every protest and scream to set this country free from their umbrella and let the people know the reality waiting for them. F MARIA PAMELA REYES

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