In Pursuit of Normal


SOMBER clouds loom overhead as gloom engulfs me—it is a feeling I have been accustomed to these past three months. Somehow, I feel strongly that I share the same sentiments with the rest of the world right now.

Come dawn, everything remains the same, as days melt into months and no definite actions or progress seem to be made.

Now, I imagine these gray clouds to be permanent as the sun rays are obscured not only by this feeling of dread, but also by the roof of my home I am stuck in.

As I spend more days in isolation, I begin to look for some semblance of normal to make me feel grounded. NoㅡI do not find it in my virtual classes, books, or in any video game.

How can I when the thought of making year-end memories have been stolen from me? How can I when it is also possible that I may not coming back again to the place I call a second home?

I wonder when everything will fall into its rightful place again. The old times when I would get to see my friends, and observe even the unnamed faces I walk past by in the Lovers’ Lane.

My mind takes me on a stroll until it turns to the lone statue in the midst of a now-desolate campus. It points a finger upwards; towards the vast expanse of the blue sky and the shining sun.

It will be a long time before I see it again. F MHERYLL GIFFEN L. ALFORTE

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