Silenced Chaos


THE afternoon was dull when he went outside. Perhaps he could not find peace in his own home for with each path he crosses, he sees the misery behind one’s mask.

His world was covered in sickness, chaos, and corruption—each rest he takes seems wasted since all his mornings remain the same.

Today, the news is overflowing with increasing numbers of the impoverished, infected, and casualties.

He realizes this while lying on a soft bed with his supply of food. He feels fortunate until he watches protestors carry large cardboards on the television.

It urged him to read more and think about a certain document that kills one’s freedom to speak.

That afternoon, he decided to go out of his shell to see if he can make a change.

In the streets, he saw tears from harmed men while they continued to drown in hunger. He felt every rage and pain as he watched them struggle, even with a disease in motion.

He found himself staring at a strange statue of a wild beast and since he is alone, he climbs up on it as if the world could see his every move.

He hears blood thundering in his ears, and with his heart pounding, realizes that he should do something about what he sees in his own country.

“Ipaglaban natin ang ating karapatan!” Are the only words he could utter, but no one dared to cheer for him.

Everything is silent.

Slowly, he realizes the creeping loss of liberty. F THERIZ LIZEL R. SILVANO

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